The immense technical and aesthetic variety of coil-coated strips combined with our flexibility enables us to adapt to a wide range of industrial applications...

Measuring instruments

Adapted to different printing methods

We supply different players in the measuring instrument industry with products for pressure gauge dials, hands and needles. Our products are adapted to different printing methods, including screen printing, laser engraving, inkjet and offset.

Pharma and food

A wide range of alloys and finishes adapted to your needs

Aluminium is used in the pharmaceuticals and food industries in applications such as packaging and seals. At Metalcolor we are aware of the importance of providing you with a certified product posing no risk to health. You can choose from a wide range of alloys and finishes in an unlimited range of colours.


Unlimited choice of colours and finishes in line with the latest trends

We are proud to serve a clientele operating in fields ranging from kitchen furniture to bathroom profiles. We realise the importance of supplying a flawless, aesthetically pleasing product, and take care to follow the latest trends in materials to be able to provide you with coil-coated products to match. Our wide range of finishes and unlimited choice of colours are designed to match your corporate identity requirements, both indoors and outdoors.


Focus on aesthetics and quality

The benefits of aluminium – its light weight, perfect formability and robustness in different conditions – have made it an essential material throughout the transport industry. Our wide range of finishes for interior or exterior use is designed to meet your aesthetic requirements while offering all the advantages of coil coating in terms of cost, formability, great resistance to UV and corrosion.

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