Attractive & high durable!

Exceptional finish

An anodised look for your products

MECOELOX is ideal for matching the coatings of your products to the anodised finishes frequently used in modern architectural features such as windows, door frames and bay windows. MECOELOX combines an aesthetically pleasing anodised look with the benefits of coil coating: perfect formability, outstanding reproducibility and excellent durability for outdoor use. MECOELOX is extremely resistant to UV, and is available as a transparent, non-coloured coating or with a matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish in unlimited shades of colour. Application on a brushed aluminium surface results in a higher-quality and more uniform finish.

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Super durable

  • Anodised look
  • Excellent formability
  • Extremely UV resistant
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Colour and gloss of your choice




FEVE (Fluoro Ethylene and Vinyl Ether)


≥ 12 µm

According to EN 13523-1


Low, semi, high gloss

According to EN 13523-2
20 -> 90 gloss units (U)

Gloss tolerance

± 10 U, High gloss : > 90

According to EN 13523-2


High colour reproducibility

Visual adjustment

Bending properties

Excellent bending properties

According to EN 13523-7
No cracking at 1.5 T

UV resistance

Extreme UV resistance
20 years warranty

≥ 50% gloss
Rural or urban light industrial (or light marine)3

RUV4+ according to table C.3
2000h UVA : Close to 100% gloss retention
4000h UVA : Close to 80% gloss retention
2000h UVB : Close to 80% gloss retention

Corrosion resistance

High corrosion resistance
10 years warranty1

No peeling and no cracking
Rural or urgan light industrial (or light marine)3

According to EN 1396,
C.6.5 Acetic acid salt spray fog resistance, index 2 according to table C.5.

Subject to modification

1  The film integrity excludes damaged surfaces which may result from incorrect cutting, stamping, forming, joining, storage, assembly, cleaning, etc., according to EN 1396 : Annex D
2  End user environment

Chemical Resistance


Muriatic Resistance

15 minute exposure no blistering or visual change

Mortar Resistance

24 hours exposure : no loss of film adhesion or visual change

Nitric Acid Resistance

30 minute exposure: 5 delta E (CieLab) maximum colour change

Detergent Resistance

72 hours exposure : no loss of adhesion, no blistering, no significant visual change

Window Cleaner Resistance

24 hours exposure : no blistering or appearance change

Subject to modification

Utilisation guidelines

  • Bare material may slightly vary in colour or have small irregularities, which may remain visible on the coated surface
  • Final coated product can slightly vary from sample
  • Order projects in one batch in order to minimize colour and gloss differences
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