Timeless Beauty

timeless beauty

For extreme environments

For very aggressive environments choose our new 3-layer system MecoPremium+, engineered for optimal corrosion and UV resistance.

Extremely High Durable


  • From matt to high gloss, 10 -> 80 gloss units (U)
  • Unlimited range of colours
  • Smooth Polyester (PE) & structured polyurethane / polyamide (PU/PA) coatings
  • Quantities from 100 kilos
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Why MecoPremium+


Corrosion Resistance

In environments that are particularly harsh, primer (1) offers optimal protection against corrosion, achieving the highest corrosion index of 3 (according EN 1396).


Unlimited range of colours

MecoPremium+ coatings feature a 3-layer system, including a primer (1), followed by a topcoat (2), available in any colour you can think of.


High UV Resistance

For the finish (3), we use an extremely UV-resistant clear coat (index RUV4), available in smooth PE or structured PU/PA coating. After 2 years of natural weathering, the retained gloss is 80 % minimum! The high durable MecoPremium+ coatings are available in very matt to high gloss finishes.




Primary PU + Basecoat PE + Clearcoat PE


41 µm

According to EN 13523-1


Low, semi, high gloss

According to EN 13523-2
10 -> 80 gloss units (U)

Gloss tolerance

± 5 U, High gloss : > 80

According to EN 13523-2


Excellent colour reproducibility

Max deviation
White and pastel colurs: DE* : max 1.0
Red, blue, green, yellow: DE* : max 2.0
Metallic colurs: DE* : max 2.0

Bending properties

Excellent bending properties

According to EN 13523-7
No cracking at 1.5 T
(Depending on alloy)

UV resistance

Very high UV resistance
10 years warranty
≥ 50% gloss / DE* : max 5.0
Rural or urban light industrial (or light marine)3

According to En 1396 :
C.6.3 UV resistance
RUV4 according to table C.3

Corrosion resistance

Very high corrosion resistance
15 years warranty2
No peeling and no cracking
Rural or urban light industrial (or light marine)3

According to EN 1396 :

C.6.5 Acetic acid salt spray fog resistance, index 3 according to table C.5

1  For saturated colours tolerances should be adapted.
2  The film integrity warranty excludes damaged surfaces which may result from incorrect cutting, stamping, forming, joining, storage, assembly, cleaning, etc., according to EN 1396 : Annex D
3  End user environment

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