Easy to clean!

Exclusive technology

The power of photocatalyctic activation

MECOPROTECT® is an exclusive Metalcolor technology developed to keep your aluminium surfaces looking great and make them cheaper to maintain, whilst increasing their durability.

Unlike classic hydrophobic coatings, MECOPROTECT® becomes highly hydrophilic once activated by UV light.

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Reduced dirt adhesion


Unlike classic hydrophobic coatings, MECOPROTECT® becomes highly hydrophilic once activated by UV light.

It then only takes a very small amount of water to wet the entire hydrophilic surface and remove dirt particles.

Easy to clean


Over time, oil, grease and other organic substances accumulate on surfaces and attract particles of dirt and dust. MECOPROTECT® is a photocatalytically active coating that when exposed to UV light degrades organic molecules, transforms them into carbon dioxide and water, and minimises the non-organic dirt particles adhering to the coated surface.



Environmental pollution

Within a short time environmental contaminants make surfaces look dirty and generate significant maintenance costs.


Easy to clean

Even small amounts of water are enough to wash dirt particles away from the superhydrophilic surface.

A MECOPROTECT® coated surface can be easily cleaned and remains considerably cleaner if exposed to rain.


Purifies air

The titanium dioxide contained in the coating not only contributes to cleaning the surface, but also is capable of eliminating harmful substances from the air we breathe. TiO2 is a semiconductor. UV light generates electrons on the surface, which then form oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals break down many harmful pollutants in the air: nitrogen into harmless nitrate, volatile organic compounds into CO2 and water and ozone decomposes into oxygen.


Combats dirt with sunlight

Under the effect of sunlight, the titanium dioxide photocatalytic coating MECOPROTECT® acts as a catalyst and causes decomposition of organic dirt particles. The TiO2 coating is easy to clean and even has self-cleaning properties if directly exposed to rain.


Time is money

Surfaces coated with MECOPROTECT ® require considerably less cleaning if the surface is exposed to rain. Should any dirt adhere to surfaces, small amount of water is generally sufficient to remove it. Surfaces treated with MECOPROTECT® not only stay clean longer, but also make a significant contribution to reducing the maintenance costs of building.



Eco-friendly and durable

Titanium dioxide is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is widely used in medical and cosmetic applications, even in toothpaste. The photocatalytic process is continuous and remains undiminished by UV light. The product does not release any nanoparticles. The use and processing of MECOPROTECT® coated strips is completely safe.


Activated by UV

UV light activates the MECOPROTECT® coating. The activation takes place within a few days of outdoor exposure. Indoor exposure will not activate the coating.


Clean and dry

Once the coating has been activated the surface becomes hydrophilic. The water is then distributed evenly over the surface in a thin film. As a result, the coating dries very quickly without leaving any drop marks.

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