We are constantly testing the durability of our coatings in our lab in order to improve their performance


Our commitment to the environment

  • Using locally produced renewable energy
  • Recovering and destroying VOC emissions
  • Optimising raw material consumption
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Cutting CO² emissions
  • Minimising and managing waste
  • Improving product durability
  • Adhering to European REACH regulations
  • Voluntary participation in the Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) programme 

War on waste, efficient use of resources and protecting the environment are integral to our business performance. At Metalcolor, reducing our environmental impact and investing in the energy efficiency of our production facilities are keys to our success.

ISO certifications

Efficient energy management

ISO 50001 certification is evidence of our efficient energy management: reducing CO² emissions and our energy consumption. ISO 14001 certification, which we have held since 2009, demonstrates our optimum environmental management and our ecological footprint.

Swiss and european regulations


Our coatings conform to REACH requirements and regulations. Metalcolor participates voluntarily in the Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) programme. Its objectives are ambitious and demanding. In formal agreements with the Swiss authorities (the Federal Office for the Environment, FOEN) we have undertaken to reduce our CO² emissions and energy consumption.

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