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CBAM - New climate tariff in the EU

15 Feb 2024, 11:14
The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) has been gradually phased in across the EU since October 2023.
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Metalcolor Champions Innovation: Supporting Future Engineers at the Shell Eco-Marathon

15 Feb 2024, 11:03
Metalcolor is excited to financially sponsor the “School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg” students in the Shell Eco-marathon.
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ECCA Premium® Certification: Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

14 Sep 2023, 11:00
Metalcolor SA has been officially accredited with the esteemed ECCA Premium® label
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Cybersecurity: proactive and certified!

28 Feb 2023, 16:58
The more connected the digital world gets, the more important cyber security becomes. Metalcolor has taken numerous precautions to ensure the security of your IT infrastructure and data.
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Packaging without stretch film – the new standard

24 Oct 2022, 11:48
In the light of recent events, all of us are becoming more aware of the scarcity of global resources, as well as of unexpected interruptions in the procurement of goods and along the usual transportation routes.
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Coating lines are the mainstay of our business.

24 Oct 2022, 11:41
At Metalcolor, one of our strengths is our unlimited flexibility, which enables us to adapt swiftly to our customers' needs in terms of coatings, batch sizes and lead times
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Meco®Touch – a tough coating with a soft touch!

28 Jul 2022, 15:14
We are launching our new range, Meco®Touch, which is a high durable coating available in two finishes.
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R&D and Quality Lab – a department dedicated to customer service

28 Jul 2022, 15:02
In collaboration with our paint and aluminium suppliers, we are continuously on the lookout for new applications that meet market needs.
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COLOR TRENDS – What colors are trending in 2022/2023?

28 Jul 2022, 14:45
When it comes to colors and finishes for outside venetian blinds, rolling shutters, suspended ceilings and other products, no desire is left unfulfilled.
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