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Electronic document management to enhance the versatility of operators

4 Feb 2022, 08:56
Metalcolor’s internal management system and staff training programme are both controlled by electronic document management (EDM)
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LED lighting, a key component of our commitment to quality and efficiency

4 Feb 2022, 08:39
Since 2018, 90% of the old factory lighting has been replaced by new, high-performance LED lighting.
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Mixing, a department dedicated to customer service

19 Oct 2021, 16:30
Metalcolor is one of the few European coil coaters to have its own paint mixing unit. This allows us to offer to our customers an unlimited number of colours across our entire range of finishes.
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Lean management in the administration

19 Oct 2021, 16:25
At Metalcolor, "lean management" is applied not only to production but also to administration. The "lean" approach is designed to improve products and processes continuously...
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New slitting line: performance at all levels

20 Jul 2021, 12:55
Metalcolor is boosting its slitting capacity with the inauguration of a new Redex high-performance slitting line in early 2021.
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A third of electricity soon to be on-site and renewable!

20 Jul 2021, 11:18
Thanks to a solar photovoltaic power station installed on the roofs of its industrial halls and operated by an outside contractor, Metalcolor will very soon be consuming electricity produced on-site.
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Reducing our co2 emissions with a regenerative oxidizer

13 Apr 2021, 10:30
Over recent years, Metalcolor has invested in numerous projects which have produced substantial energy savings.
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Swiss quality since 40 years

13 Apr 2021, 10:30
For 40 years now, Metalcolor has been engaged in aluminium coil coating at its Forel factory near Lausanne.
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