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Meco®Touch – a tough coating with a soft touch!

28 lip 2022, 15:14
We are launching our new range, Meco®Touch, which is a high durable coating available in two finishes.
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R&D and Quality Lab – a department dedicated to customer service

28 lip 2022, 15:02
In collaboration with our paint and aluminium suppliers, we are continuously on the lookout for new applications that meet market needs.
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COLOR TRENDS – What colors are trending in 2022/2023?

28 lip 2022, 14:45
When it comes to colors and finishes for outside venetian blinds, rolling shutters, suspended ceilings and other products, no desire is left unfulfilled.
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Computerised maintenance for multiple benefits

2 cze 2022, 17:03
In order to guarantee that its infrastructures are running optimally, Metalcolor relies on an internally developed computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).
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Continuously optimised performance down to the last detail

2 cze 2022, 16:39
The philosophy Metalcolor applies to its resources and activities is based on the twin pillars of well-being and competitiveness.
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Electronic document management to enhance the versatility of operators

4 lut 2022, 08:56
Metalcolor’s internal management system and staff training programme are both controlled by electronic document management (EDM)
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LED lighting, a key component of our commitment to quality and efficiency

4 lut 2022, 08:39
Since 2018, 90% of the old factory lighting has been replaced by new, high-performance LED lighting.
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Mixing, a department dedicated to customer service

19 paź 2021, 16:30
Metalcolor is one of the few European coil coaters to have its own paint mixing unit. This allows us to offer to our customers an unlimited number of colours across our entire range of finishes.
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Lean management in the administration

19 paź 2021, 16:25
At Metalcolor, "lean management" is applied not only to production but also to administration. The "lean" approach is designed to improve products and processes continuously...
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